Eisenhammer VI - Family Reunion (20./21.11)

  • Da ich die Regelung nicht kenne die am Donnerstag / Freitag beschlossen wird kann ich zu diversen Dingen noch keine verbindlichen Aussagen treffen.

    Aber ich gehe mal von folgendem aus: Die Regelung welche Maske erlaubt ist, wird sich nicht Ă€ndern. Das bedeutet das ihr gerne eine FFP2 oder eine medizinische Maske tragen dĂŒrft. Ihr dĂŒrft (wie schon seit lĂ€ngerer Zeit) keine selbstgemachten Masken tragen.

    Ich denke auch das ihr nur einen Test brauchen werdet, der am Samstag morgen nicht Àlter als 48 Stunden sein darf. Dieser muss dann bitte in der entsprechenden App vorgezeigt werden bei der Orga

  • Meine Bestellung wird wohl leider auch nicht mehr vor Samstag ankommen.

    Daher suche ich eine max Unit Kriel Warrior + 2 Caber Thrower geliehen.

  • Meine Bestellung wird wohl leider auch nicht mehr vor Samstag ankommen.

    Daher suche ich eine max Unit Kriel Warrior + 2 Caber Thrower geliehen.

    Das könnte klappen, ob ich 2 zusĂ€tzlicher Caber habe, weiß ich nicht. schaue ich aber gerne. Ich packe aber erst morgen Nachmittag meinen Kram, dann weiß ich das sicher.

  • Allright. Since so many of you have asked to be subjected to verbal abuse by yours truly, I'll oblige and insult you halfwits and, more specifically, your lists to the best of my (considerable) abilities. In case you're as uninformed as you look - my name is Dr. K and and I'm the proverbial villain of this show. Actually, scratch that. There's nothing proverbial about me, I'm just the villain.

    The way this works is thus: I'm just gonna go team by team and grade your lists on a scale of 0 to 5 based on how powerful/disgusting/degenerate those lists are. Contrary to previous installments, you can no longer score bonus points by shamelessly netdecking from recent tournament winners (on account of me not being exactly up to date on tournament results). I will at this point disclose that I have neither checked out all the latest releases, nor played a game of warmachine in the past 2 years. But who needs any of that, when you got a bunch of trophies proclaiming you as "World Champion" or "European Champion" or "Deutscher Meister" on your shelf, right?

    So without further ado, I'll just have to wing it a bit here.

    Gabel, Schere, Messer, Lich

    Nic (Lilly4/Bethayne1)

    I'll be frank here, I've strongly considered bringing Lilly4 to the tournament because I think she's busted as fuck. I'm not sure I'd have chosen the same beast loadout, but can't fault the guy for trying something that looks broken on the table. However, I don't know what they did to Azrael in the latest dynamic update that led you to believe he's now a decent model (it's still 17pts man). Also, why Archangels in both lists? Is this how the game is played these days? I'm still gonna give this guy a solid rating based on my initial evaluation of Lilly4 alone (and because I can't set the bar too high on the first rating of the session).


    Tobias (Stryker1/Haley2)

    The Stryker1 list seems like something I'd like to try out and some point. It contains a bunch of powerful models that do a lot of business. The Haley2 list looks really interesting. Do we award points for interesting lists on this show? No. No we do not. Get Artificer Prime Nemo out of this list or at least find some value unit to revive for him. Fucking Mangler? Can't tell if that's jank or tech and when in doubt, I'd rather just insult they guy's list.


    Brendan (Falcir/Issyria)

    Brendan plays this new Falcir guy. I have not read this model's rules and I will refuse to do so until somebody deploys him across me. I do however, have complete faith in PPs inability to properly balance releases in general and new Retribution models in particular. Extrapolating the usual crazy powercreep for Retribution releases, I'll assume guy is probably a monster. I'll also assume this guy has a special rule on the back of his card that restricts him to a single Trident in his list. Otherwise this list makes no sense. Brendan's second list is a cookie-cutter Issyria1 with a bunch of the usual Retribution staples. Actually, now that I look at it, this list also has only one Trident, so maybe PP finally did see sense and restricted the Trident to FA:1 in general in the dynamic update (which I have only skimmed over, in fairness).

    I'll give this guy a solid grade in good faith and with the assumption that Tridents are actually FA:1 now*


    *I will be immensely upset if I discover this is not actually true.


    Commander Huf (Kael/Elara2)

    I mean how seriously can I take this guy? Obviously, he's at least as washed up as I am, but what's more: The guy is a friggin' teacher who tolerates a typo in his team name. BĂŒndnisS, Herr Oberstudienrat? Man, how the mighty have fallen. Ok, let's look at his lists. He did bring a good blend of innovation and degeneracy in the past, so I'm actually looking forward to this... hmmmm. He plays two generic Retribution casters, none of which I rate above the likes of Issyria or Garryth2. He also doesn't have the new guy. The non-warcaster models he brings seem pretty powerful, allthough this double-jack-marshal thing seems like too much flourish and too little substance for my dry taste. I also note, that Commander Huf plays one Trident per list, which further reinforces my deduction that this is, in fact, the new FA limit.

    slightly disappointing 2.9/5

    Danny (Rask/Azazello)

    This guy plays Rask. Rask is broken as hell and I do appreciate that. He plays Turbopig, WESJ and a bunch of these new Death Archons, which look extremely potent, too. I'm quite frankly not really interested in the second list, because this Rask build looks like something he can play in every single round.


    Teuchner (Gearhart/Lukas)

    Let's be honest here, I haven't expected much, because this guy hasn't net-decked a decent list since Doomshaper2 was good - but I'm pleasantly surprised at the Schmock I'm presented here. Baldwin with a ton of guns is extremly simple-minded and uncompromising, which I appreciate in a list. I'm not sure how good the second list is, but at least it looks pretty skew with a bunch of Vindicators.


    Andi Scheuers Kompetenzteam

    Alfredo (Kolgrimma/Carver)

    Alfredo my dude, take a bow, this Kolgrimma list actually looks good. You'll probably sabotage it with your usual mediocre play, but that's not my problem. And for the rest of you half-wits, take note: this is how you score schmockpoints. You go and you take a tried/trusted Caster like Kolgrimma, click all of the best models your faction offers into that list and then create a second list that's such an absurd skew that it will force some pairings even if you never plan to play it. I absolutely love this Carver list, by the way. I hope it sees play and owns.


    Julian (OW2/Wanderer)

    I like the Old Witch2 list, I like all the dudes and Julian is playing the Twilight Sisters, which is (objectively!) correct. The second list might also be powerful and at the very least skew, which is how we like our second lists.


    BNF (Morvahna1/Kaya3)

    I have always had a soft spot in my heart for high-ceiling recursion lists and Morvahna1 certainly fits the bill. I am not sure about the second list though. These dogs might be cute, but they'll drop faster than Makeda's panties when the Supreme Ruler of the Skorne Empire enters her bedchamber.

    I'll give Bernhard some credit and Schmockpoints because I really like the first list and the second list is at the very least very skew.


    Evil like a Monday morning

    (excellent team name btw)

    Smerlap (Denny3/Lich2)

    I do think Denny3 is a huge winner of the latest dynamic update, but this ain't exactly proven tech and Lich2 is a bit past his prime, let's be real here. Like this stuff is not bad, but it's not gonna crack the Schmock highscore any time soon.


    Stijn (Skarre1/Scavy)

    This guy plays Skarre1 with 4 Stalkers and I'm immediately sold. I'm less excited about the Scaverous list - it seems a bit too fancy for me. Why is there a Nomad on Gaspy4? However, this list also contains a model I've never seen or even heard about, Dr. Stygius. I'll have to assume that it's broken and schmocky.

    3.9/5 (can't go wrong with Skarre1)

    Benoit (Mak1/Mak3)

    He plays a pretty strong Mak1 list. I have dabbled in some similar Mak1 lists back in the day and they are to be respected. However, if you pair it with one of the most overrated casters in Skorne you're not getting any applause from Dr. K. Where's you Rasheth? Where's your Zaal2? Your Rasheth? Where is the secret sauce?


    Dice & Duty

    Manni (Dreamer/Wanderer)

    This Dreamer list is as 2019 (2018?) as it gets and I like that. It has been played in similar form by the likes of Dominik de Cassan and I don't think there is a particular reason why it shouldn't perform well today. I also like the second list quite a bit.


    Mike (Ossyan1/Shade4)


    Take a page out of Mike's book. I'm not going to go ahead and change my previous ratings, but I will go on a holy crusade against Retribution players who I have not reviewed yet. Yeah, that's a bit unfair, but who gives a shit if Scyrah players are treated unfairly?

    5/5 for playing two Tridents in the same list

    Pascal (Madrak3/Azazello)

    Did something happen to Madrak3 in the dynamic update or is he still shit? What are these models? EBDT? Fennblades? I feel like I have given enough players the benefit of the doubt. Prove me wrong.



    Jovan (Child/OW2)

    This OW2 gets an instant Dr. Kellerman seal of approval. The Child list is also really nice. If everybody would just play lists like this, I wouldn't have to rant all that much (+ I wouldn't have to read all these new models tomorrow).


    Philipp (K2/Kaya3)

    Initial assessment: That Krueger2 list is okay, but not spectacular. The Kaya3 list looks shit. What is this? A bunch of Warpwolves? Are we back in Mk2? Hm, then again, it's legit 7 Heavies, right. It will present some problems for those who are weak of mind and biceps.

    Secondary assessment: Man, these looks might be much worse or much better than initially anticipated depending on how the scenario is looking. What is Steamroller2021 looking like btw? Will I know any of these scenarios?


    Ivo (Kolgrima/Calandra)

    Kolgrima (the corrrect choice) with Northkin (the correct theme) and Bears/Eaters (the correct models). I'm not sure about the second list, but I've always been a bit of a Calandra fan. I'll give Ivo a generous helping of Schmockpoints for that alone plus some extra on top because the lists contain a bunch of models I've never seen/heard/read, including Boomhowler, the Destroyer and General "Thunderstone" Brug. I'll assume, given PPs track record, that these models are busted.

    Naja wir haben auch ĂŒber dich geredet. Mit dem Ergebnis, der Sascha ist halt der Sascha, was der vorschlĂ€gt wird gut gefunden und nicht hinterfragt.

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  • Kommander Wurschtbrot

    MoeJoe (Severius1/Amon)

    Well, that's a name I haven't read in a while. I like that MoeJoe is up and about again and playing some games. Incidentially, I like these lists, too.


    Moe(noJoe) (Shade3/Denny)

    Awwww. Horseshade? Kraken? My main man Darragh? Instant like.


    Haste nich

    Wout (Gunny2/Ragnor)

    This guy used to be someone, I guess. I don't know about all these models though. What do barrage teams even do? Gudrun the Wasted? Boomhowler the Destroyer? Looks like the guy raided a RiotQuest boardgame night and made off with all the cute toy soldiers. Who has time to read all these cards. Seems a bit too experimental for my taste.


    Laurens (Shade4/Vyros2)

    FUCKING PUNY ELF WITH LESS THAN TWO TRIDENTS PER LIST? Hold on, actual 0 Tridents across two lists? Get off my lawn. Actually, get off my fucking team first, then get off my lawn.


    Sascha (Jalaam/Mordikaar)

    I know this guy personally. He used to be a big deal and write way better lists. I also have it on good authority that he has only put Mak0 into his lists because somebody told him to and he hasn't actually read her card, so we can't even give him points for that.

    Also, I hope he regrets bringing this janky Jalaam list instead of an actual Rasheth.



    Mareike (Rasheth/Mak3)

    I do like that she plays Rasheth. I do not like that there's a Bronzeback and a Gladiator in her list instead of, you know, turtles. Still seems like she's the one Skorneplayer in this tournament who knows how the good caster is called.


    Christoph (Grissel1/Jarl)

    Jesus, these lists look weird - in a good way though, somehow. Did Boomhowlers get a lot cheaper? I don't know, none of this looks super proven and it might be a bit on the janky side. I'll risk losing my supervillain status here and proclaim that I'm a believer.


    Micha (Vindictus/Anson)

    No, my friend, this is not it. Menoth has a plethora of powerful casters, including casters that run the ragtag lists you're bringing a lot better than Vindictus/Anson. Hand your head in shame. Go on a pilgrimage to the hamlet of Uphill and ask to speak with the resident Earl.



    Dome (Grissel/Gunny2)

    I don't know man, if Dome chose these lists they are likely good, but I wanna see this shit on the table before I give this serious score. A bit too experimental for me.


    Robin (Skuld/Kolgrimma)

    These lists are a lot more tried and trusted and boring. Which is how we like our lists on this show. I'm actually surprised that Robin didn't dust of his old love Legion and try the new Lilly4.


    Luki (OW2/Wanderer)

    This is pretty much what I expect from a serious contender.


    In Vino Veritas

    Rotwein Andi (Gearheart/Lukas)

    Gearhart is always a welcome sight, but I don't like the melee idiots. I'd prefer more guns or at least the bangtrain (I forget what it's called, but you know what I mean).


    Sven (Kozlov/Strakhov)

    I'm faintly aware that Sven is a qualified player and for sure more in touch with the meta than I am, these days. However, I don't know what Lord Kozlov card says, I don't want to look it up and it's much easier to just claim that these lists are shit.


    Tobi (Madrak3/Kolgrima)

    I don't know how you managed to fuck this up, but Kolgrima is the one that wants Eaters and Teddies. Even Alfredo figured that out. Also, I want to see that Madrak3 does something useful before I respect him.


    Tabletop Finest

    Cidster (Zaal2/Xekaar)

    I really love that Martin is back for some WMH. I love Zaal2. I think this Bronzeback with Zaal2 used to be Belgian secret tech. I think Xekaar is still shit though.


    Splatter (Krueger2/Una2)

    I don't know what to make of these lists. I'm going out on a limb and say it would be much stronger if Krueger would be running Tharn and the double Zapdos list would be headed by Baldur2. I mean I can't claim these lists are shit, but I can't grade them too highly either.


    Matthias (Gearheart/Syvestro)

    Gearhart is nice, even though I prefer the Vulcan build. I also think Syvestro is still the best caster in the faction and apparently Matthias agrees with me.


    Wilden Kerle

    Micha (Xekaar/Rasheth)

    This is pretty much the perfect Rasheth list of old, except there's now a Death Archon in place of the last Cyclops that. Maybe this will be come the new gold standard? Certainly as schmock as it gets. Here's my problem though: I'm convinced Xekaar is still shit. What's worse, Micha has a huge weakness: He occassionally decides to play his janky offlist when it's not really required to do so. I shall monitor the situation closely.

    4.4/5 based on Rasheth and pretty much only Rasheth

    Greif (Harby/Kreoss3)

    So this is how a broken list looks when you can no longer take your broken initiates for free? The Earl of Uphill just shed a tear for you, Christopher. To me, on the other hand, Harby still looks disgustingly broken - even though I'll admit you do seem some points short for Horseclaimer. I do like the second list quite a bit, too. Fire of Salvation for 13pts does read kinda sweet.



    Another Lilly4, about which I've already said that I think she's broken. I'm still not convinced about this Beast loadout either. I would like to see a few more boostable guns, but I gave Nic 3.9 and these lists look pretty much strictly superior to me, so I have to up the ante a bit.


    Cappucino Special

    Smets (Kraye/Styker1)

    What is this? Captain Kraye with a bunch of jacks that don't have guns? Did I miss something? I mean, it's entirely possible I did, but I'll believe it when you make me pay on the tabletop. I'm also not too excited about this Flames list. I think the good models in this Theme are the regular fuckers with the blessed maces (can't remember how they're called, but consider spamming them).


    Niels (Vlad2/Malakov)

    I love this Vlad2 list, for some reason. It's too experimental to give it full points, but I think the caster itself is good and all the supporting crew is well chosen (including Alexia1, which I think I haven't seen enough of in all these lists). Double conquest skew is a nice touch, too. I'll give you a bunch of Schmockpoints, even though this is definitely more on the creative side than I'd normally appreciate.


    Christophe (Zerkova2/some kitbash?)

    Karchev & Deathjack, Malignant Fusion? Is this a thing? You just did some kitbash and came up with some custom rules and wanted to see if somebody noticed, yes? Did they legitimately release some Karchev in Deathjackbody model? Obviously, I'll not open Warroom before I make my judgment, but I will assume that this model exists and that it's broken right in half because most models that suddenly appear on my radar without prior notice and CID are.

    4/5 (<- I have no idea if this is truly justified)


    Admiral Nelson (Fyanna2/Vayl2)

    Oof, is this good? I hope this isn't good. What did they do to Swordsmen that makes you wanna pay 30pts and two requisition options for 20 of them? It just looks bad. I like Vayl2 in principle, but Swordsmen again? Are you traveling with limited bag size my friend? I've built lists like this when I had to fly to some tournament in the UK and needed to fit a shitton of Banes into a small Feldherr case.


    Hjard (Lucant/Iron Mother Directrix)

    The backbone looks decent, but is Mother really the good caster for the double TEP? Also, Destructotron 3000? This sounds like it broke free from World of Warcraft's Gnomereagan Dungeon. Also, secret trick: If you wanna optimize for schmockpoints, I have some soft spot for Recursion :)


    Carnak (Denny1/Agathia)

    This is not it. I'm not buying that these lists are any good. Denny1 wants a lot higher volume of attacks than Agathia does. Have you just taken the same lists and swapped the casters? Maybe the guy doesn't own more models? Or he's in the Admiral Nelson camp of "traveling with limited bagspace"...?


    Naja wir haben auch ĂŒber dich geredet. Mit dem Ergebnis, der Sascha ist halt der Sascha, was der vorschlĂ€gt wird gut gefunden und nicht hinterfragt.

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  • I'm a simple man. I see the Cidster is back, I press like.




    Ist der Cidster etwa fĂŒr mehr zurĂŒck als ein kurzes Intermezzo??? <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • I have been made aware that I have neglected to insult the teams "Cappucino Special" and "Wilden Kerle". I am reasonably confident that I have some scathing reviews for you prepared and loaded and got simply sabotaged by the 10000 character limitation of page5. I will post them after work once I sit on my private PC again.

    Naja wir haben auch ĂŒber dich geredet. Mit dem Ergebnis, der Sascha ist halt der Sascha, was der vorschlĂ€gt wird gut gefunden und nicht hinterfragt.

  • I have been made aware that I have neglected to insult the teams "Cappucino Special" and "Wilden Kerle". I am reasonably confident that I have some scathing reviews for you prepared and loaded and got simply sabotaged by the 10000 character limitation of page5. I will post them after work once I sit on my private PC again.

    Team Toy Soldier too. Boi.

    ...hab ich nicht kommen sehen.

    Jetelu schrieb:
    hat er recht, finde es auch sehr schwer mich zu dem model selbstzubefriedigen.

  • I've managed to attach one of the missing teams to the first post and two of the missing teams to the second post without violating p5's character limits, I think

    Naja wir haben auch ĂŒber dich geredet. Mit dem Ergebnis, der Sascha ist halt der Sascha, was der vorschlĂ€gt wird gut gefunden und nicht hinterfragt.

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